Life Changing
n my late teens I developed a severe clinical depression which lasted throughout most of my 20s. At that time I endured a series of psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists which I suppose may have helped blunt the edges of the depression but talking about it never really made sense to me and I never felt that I was able to open up and connect with any of them. In my 30s I began to form an awareness of how much the mind influences everything in our life and started digging deeper, I did many courses and began training myself to a new way of thinking. I started a business and even though I achieved a modicum of success, I felt like there was something holding me back from achieving my goals. I researched for a long time before I found Dagi; there are many Hypnotherapists to choose from, and her credentials really stood out. We had three sessions together. Dagi is very relaxed and easy to be with, her manner is a combination of warmth and clinical ability. In the first session she explained how the mind works and demonstrated how hypnotherapy works. In the following two sessions Dagi opened my eyes to a completely new understanding  of how we influence our world. She’s a genius. Her skills have completely transformed the way I think and she has shown me that anything is possible. My business has grown over 500% in the last few months. I have been to many many ‘therapists’ over the last 25 years many of whom expected me to have an unlimited amount of weekly sessions with no end date in sight…and some of whom I found very reluctant to let me go. To have THREE sessions with Dagi and then she says “Ali, I think we’re done” was almost like a miracle in itself! If there is anything in your life you’d like to change do not hesitate to contact Dagi. She is amazing. AW

Public Speaking
"I approached Dagi after seeing an article she wrote in a local health magazine about the benefits of hypnotherapy. I had been under lots of pressure and stress at work for a long period of time and about three years ago I started with low levels of anxiety which culminated in a major panic attack while I was giving a presentation at a formal Council meeting. In my professional capacity I have been lecturing and giving presentations for more than 20 years, so it was not giving the presentation that I found frightening - so I thought I was having a heart attack.  I think the panic attack was the culmination of stress over the years that happened to peak on that particular day. However the result has been that I became terrified of public speaking, not because of the fear of speaking before others, but rather I became afraid of having another panic attack while in front of a group of people.
The one-on-one sessions with Dagi were very powerful in terms of just reconnecting me with the more peaceful parts of myself and getting re-in touch with the feeling of being 'Ok', of being good enough' etc - the effect was an immediate reduction in my stress levels and anxiety.  Dagi provided me with a CD so I could work with a set of agreed affirmations, on a daily basis in my own time, to build on the progress I made in the one-on-one session. Dagi is a great person to work with and I felt very at ease in her company. The results have been impressive and have resulted in me being able to make a number of positive changes in other areas of my life. I continue to make progress each day." Mark

Gastro Medical Case/Anxiety
A young male client came to see me as he used to throw up during high performance races. Prior to his visit he saw a Gastro Specialist who confirmed that there was nothing medically/physically wrong with his abdominal area. After seeing me twice the following e-mail was sent to me:”...The next day he came out and ran a personal best in the 400m relay (over a second quicker than he has done before). In both races he was only mildly sick but never threw up. He is really happy ,thanks for all your help in giving him the tools to overcome his anxiety and even his overall confidence is up. (A concerned Dad)

Nail Biting
I went to see Dagi for a number of issues, one of them being nail biting. I had been biting my nails for about 30 odd years. I would grow them then bite them again. I tried acrylic and gel nails which were great when I had them on but expensive to upkeep and once they were off, you guessed it, back to biting them again.
I am very pleased to report that after only one session with Dagi my nails are lovely and long and I don't even have the urge to bite them anymore. I can't wait for Dagi to sort out my other issues.

After months and months of counseling I still felt being on a mary go around. I so wanted to change the way I felt but I could not shake it off. It affected my sleep, my health and work. I heard about Dagi and her approach and what an amazing approach she has. I have a lot of faith into this type of therapy, which was totally new to me but it has been life changing. Joyce

Medical Phobia- Dental Treatment
Client came to see me due to an extreme medical phobia which caused her to faint even while sitting in the waiting room. After she underwent dental treatment she had the following to report: 
“Well, guess what I did it! I went to bed the night before feeling really good about the next day. When I woke up in the morning I felt a bit nervous but did exactly what we practised. I was absolutely fine, no fainting and I did not even feel the IV line going in. Thank you for teaching me . Kay

Weight loss
In one week I have already dropped over 1 kg. I am so enjoying not having to worry /think about what to eat. I just feels so nice to flip from worrying about my weight to positive affirmations.

Thank you. Belinda

Fast and Effective
I have been to many therapists and different treatments over the years. Some worked, others achieved very little. When I met Dagi I really liked her straight up attitude and her way of conducting the session. I only went to Dagi a few times before she said she felt I did not need any more sessions and she would be taking my money unnecessarily. I was a bit taken back but she was right and I really admire her honesty and integrity.
I have been sticking to my homework and still feeling the positive results.
Thank you Dagi, you are a gem.

Confident and Happy
I always knew that there was a better life waiting for me and over the years I have done many things trying to figure out what was stopping me from being the real me, the 'authentic me'. After I had attended Dagi’s introduction seminar on hypnotherapy I realized that it was in fact myself that was stopping me from being my authentic self. ...  I have had 3 sessions with Dagi and I am now well on the road living my life the way it is meant to be lived. It is with confidence and enthusiasm that I am waking and making decisions everyday.  It might not sound like much but it is amazing and freeing to make decisions everyday knowing they are the right ones for me and I say those words loud and proud. Thank you for helping me find that inner-child that was scared and nervous and aiding me to transform her. Thank you.  Sara

Alcohol related Issue
I had over the years developed a personal issue with far too much consumption and a reliance on wine. I wasn't down and depressed, I had relationship issues , but these would have been caused by my use of wine and consequential bad judgement due to the influence of the wine on my brain. I was a person, who if I opened a bottle of wine, I would turn around and realize the bottle was empty and then sometimes even open another, and this occurred frequently had on many occasions tried to moderate and even stop the use of wine but my brain always informed me how much I liked the taste, the relaxation and how much I missed it when I wasn't having any , I had formed a mind set that I had to stop at the supermarket or wine shop on the way home clearly forged into my brain. I went to CADS and AA meetings but these just didn't work for myself, I found them interesting to attend but they would never work for long for myself Somehow I came across Dagi and I made my first appointment. Immediately, with being relaxed and going into a state of hypnosis, with which I was surprised how easy and relaxing and mindfully opening this new experience was, I knew I had started to turn my brain and hence my life towards a better direction.
In one hypnosis session I felt that an inner negative energy had been lifted from deep within myself. It seems something major opened up and cleared up. It didn't happen at once, I had a total of 7 sessions  and I now have absolutely no interest in wine, I dislike the look and smell of even the favourites I used to enjoy and when others drink my ex favourites, I never even will take a sip....Maybe I had come to a point where I was ready to change  but I know Dagi and her hypnotherapy have led me in a new positive direction. Craig
I was profoundly moved and affected by our first session, it was an amazing experience and to have those feelings of intense warmth and comfort both through and after the hypnosis was amazing and addictive and showed me a glimpse of what is maybe possible for me. I feel excited and committed to this process of self discovery, healing and hopefully transformation. J.

Sleepless Child

Our son has had what I would call tortured sleep for probably about five years. It would ease from time to time but never for very long. He is now 8 years old and was still struggling with night terrors. He would wake between about midnight and 4 am with terrible dreams.
I mentioned this to Dagi and she came up with a wonderful solution" Dream" medicine.
He has been following the instructions for two weeks now and all is well.
So thank-you Dagi for your innovative idea it has certainly brought some much needed peace to a busy family. Kate

Reading difficulty                                                                                                    
When our son started school for the first few years he struggled with reading and writing, the teachers couldn’t work out why but new there was a problem. To cut a long story short he was diagnosed with Irlens syndrome, which means when he looked at a page with writing there was lots of movement, which caused him motion sickness and he struggled to read and write. Finally it was corrected with tinted reading glasses. Sadly by that time he was behind and had lost confidence in himself. We found Dagi at Mind Matters Hypnotherapy and within the first 10 minutes of being with Dagi we felt confident and relaxed. After the first season I knew we had finally found something that was going to work for our son and I was right, Dagi has made a real difference in his life. Her method is simple and easy to implement into our daily lives and our son has responded positively. Since going to Mind Matters our son has passed not one but three spelling tests with 25 out of 25 which he has never been able to do so in the past mostly because he had no confidence. We are very grateful to Dagi as this has given us great hope at a time when we were not sure what to do next. Sandra

Sporting Success
I came to see Dagi to improve my golf handicap. I did not know what to expect and she took me on an amazing journey of possibilities. After one session with her I played my best round ever by far, applying the tools she has taught me. I had one more session and now I continuously improve my scorecard. I finally have conquered the six inches between my ears. Peter


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