Hypnosis in the News

Hypnotherapy helps to relieve chronic pain, Dr J. Ennis 2017

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Mind and Skin diseases are interlinked, Harvard Health Publication

Eight weeks to a better brain, Harvard Gazette

Hypnosis therapy can affect childhood asthma, Dr P Massey, 2014

Meditation to reduce Heart disease, Dr Schneider, October 2013

Firefighters use clinical (medical) Hypnosis, France June 2013

75% reduction in severe hot flashes through hypnosis, Doctors Health Press June 2013

Hypnosis the future of pain relief, May 2012

Medical Hypnosis for a comfortable surgery by Dr Roberta

Science Daily,2012, Effective treatment for IBS

Reuter New York, Hypnosis and IBS, Nov 01 2011

Medical News, International Expert says: Hypnosis to tackle chronic pain, September 2011

European Society of Anaesthesiology, “Hypnosis helps patients”, June 2011

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New York Times, "The Possibilities in Hypnosis, Where the Patient Has the Power" November 2008

New York Times, "Let the Mind Help Tame an Irritable Bowel" September 2008

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, "Prescription: Hypnosis" October 2007

 UsMagazine: Lily Allen:”Hypnosis helped me lose Weight” October 2007

 ABC News Report, Hypnosis Helps in Cancer Surgery, August 2007

“Researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York showed that a 15-minute hypnosis session reduced side effects including pain, nausea and emotional distress in patients undergoing breast cancer operations.”

Mayo Clinic Newsletter, Hypnotism Gaining a Legitimate Role in Healthcare Treatments, April 2007

Natural News.com, The Role of Self Hypnosis in Children experiencing Pain, April 2009

Mind Games: Making Olympians Mentally Fit, February 2010

Star Health: Hypnotherapy in Hospitals, April 2010

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